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10/03/2011: German Unity Day at the German Embassy

This year the German Club had the unique opportunity to be invited to the Ambassador's reception for the Celebrations of the German Unity Day. The reception at the Ambassador's residence is one of the most well-known parties of the year wihtin the diplomatic community in Washington D.C.

See the pictures of the evening on Flickr:

And a video on the Website of the Embassy:

4/3/2009: Second meeting with Dr. Michael Hofmann, German Executive Director at the World Bank

For the second time since joining our advisory board Dr. Hofmann hosted a small informal discussion for eight of our members. As always he surprised us with straight-forward, very pointed answers and a great sense of humor while discussing a variety of topics ranging from public service career paths to Germany's role within the Bank.

Being asked about a personal career hint he recommended us to jump at the chance to work for somebody we would feel inspired by - as he did working for Willy Brandt in the early stages of his career.

We would really like to say thank you for this wonderful discussion and Mr. Hofmann's commitment to the SAIS German Club.


3/4/2009: Four members meet with Dr. Ingo Konrad, Daimler AG

Recently appointed the head of the Daimler AG representation in Washington DC, Dr. Konrad hosted an informal discussion for four of our members. After giving us a comprehensive overview over his work as the chief governmental affairs representative, the discussion evolved around the US automotive industry, differences in US and European regulatory approaches and Daimler's technological strategy.

We would like to thank Dr. Konrad for the very interesting discussion and are very glad to welcome him to our Board of Advisors.


2/27/2009: Second meeting with Dr. Klaus Stein, German Executive Director at the IMF

This year's meeting with our distinguished advisory board member of course had a heavy focus on the discussion of the financial crisis and the IMF's renewed role in tackling its immediate repercussions but also covered the debate on a potential reform of the quota system.

Once more Herr Dr. Stein proved to be an extraordinarily knowledgeable and interesting conversation partner. At this point we would really like to thank him for his commitment as a member of our advisory board.


4/9/2008: Six members met with Dr. Klaus Stein, German Executive Director with the IMF

Dr. Stein started off the meeting by giving a brief presentation on his academic and professional background, as well as the structure of the IMF, in general, and his tasks as Executive Director, in particular. Before being appointed to his position at the IMF, Dr. Stein worked at the German Ministry of Finance and therefore also shared interesting insights about his experiences of working for the government in Berlin.

In the informal discussion that ensued, students had the chance to ask questions about these and other issues, such as the current structural changes at the IMF, the German role and interests in the Fund as well as the global financial crisis and its repercussions.

We'd like to thank Dr. Stein very much for his time and are especially pleased that he has agreed to become a member of the German Club's Advisory Board.



4/2/2008: Five members of the Club met with Dr. Michael Hofmann, German Executive Director with the World Bank

On Wednesday, April 2nd 2008, a group of five German students met Dr. Michael John Hofmann, German Executive Director of the World Bank, in his office. After a brief presentation of their academic background and the German Club by the students, Mr. Hofmann gave an overview of his professional experience. Having worked in various development related institutions, Dr. Hofmann´s last position before serving as Executive Director was at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

In an informal conversation, Dr. Hofmann and the students discussed issues such as the challanges encountered by German academic institutes for development studies, changes in international develoment policies towards the ownership principle, and the representation of German interest within the World Bank. In addition, personal topics, including the students identity as Germans abroad, were raised.

We thank Dr. Hofmann for the very interesting and animated discussion at his office and are very glad to welcome him to our Board of Advisors.



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